A practical guide to cheaper living

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A practical guide to cheaper living

Conduct your life so you do not have to use the services of the legal profession.

  • Stop being a slave to the Joneses who quite frankly do not care about what you drive.
  • Get a financial education, so that you are informed and can know how to always be cautious, always be suspicious and always act wisely.
  • Create your own pension, because all that industry does is eat your nest egg or lose the value with bad investment decisions.
  • Do not shop on an empty stomach.
  • If you cannot pay off a car in 48 months with no residual, you cannot really afford the vehicle.
  • Do not buy HP via one of the retail stores. There is a huge amount of hidden costs such as admin fees and insurance, and if you have a financial problem, they whack you with additional costs and legal fees.
  • Do not take out life insurance higher than is necessary to look after the needs of your dependants, or else you will be paying the intermediary commissions for years, when the odds are that you will live to the average age as per the statistics of about 75 years.
  • Internet browsing on a cellphone is out, until the exorbitant prices drop. If you have to use it, then set the mobile browser to not receive pictures.
  • Avoid the latest techno gadgets, especially the latest “cool” cellphone handset — unless it is truly suited to your business needs.
  • Use the landline and limit cellphone use.
  • Do not buy a new car. They lose 25% to 35% of their value in the first year — just on the passing of fashion.

If your usage is low, do not buy a motor plan as it is often time based and this has nothing to do with the use of the machine. Use is the cost driver for maintenance and service costs.

Keep to the speed limit and pay your car licence on time.