PC Bruwer and Partners can to deliver a variety of services as a result of the diversity of our directors and staff. By the nature of our firm’s composition, we can provide the services we offer in a expeditious and quick manner and can link you directly with any of our directors for prompt advice and service.

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We provide the following services:


  • of financial statements, trust accounts and other records.


  • of financial statements/of financial reports for directors, management, shareholders and statutory bodies;
  • of cash flow statements, financial information for banks and other financial institutions;
  • of Close Corporation registration forms/of Company registration forms;
  • of association agreements for close corporations;
  • of trust deeds.


  • on the implications of the income tax legislation;
  • on other forms of taxation, stamp duty, estate duty, donations tax and VAT;
  • on employee’s tax and taxation of fringe benefits;
  • on computer systems, their installation and implementation;
  • on investment strategy/on the interpretation of financial statements;
  • on trusts and trust deeds.


  • accounting records;
  • accounting records set out in such a way that it could be used for VAT purposes.


  • accounting records, relating systems and recommended qualifications and improvements.


  • estate and financial planning;
  • improvement in profits;
  • secretarial services and the registration of shares.


  • financial investigations into low return on investments, high overhead costs, abnormally high stock levels and suspected fraud.


  • as accounting officer of a close corporation;
  • as liquidator, trustee and judicial manager;
  • as executor, administrator of estates and trustee of family and other trusts;
  • as arbitrator;
  • as auditor of companies.


  • of business interests.

If we can be of service in any way in any of the above or other services not mentioned herein, please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with us. We can offer you  a prompt service guaranteed.


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